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Pandemic living made the world more introvert friendly

Pandemic living made the world more introvert friendly

When the world shut down early last year, so many things that we took for granted changed dramatically. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, these changes required an adjustment period for all of us.

As an introvert, however, I began to notice how these changes were gradually making the world a more introvert-friendly place to live in.

Social Distancing

Early in the quarantine process, introverts all over were making the joke “I’ve been training for social distancing my entire life.” Now, almost a year later, social distancing has become second nature for everyone who is properly following COVID etiquette.

When you’re an introvert, you generally don’t like people invading your personal space. With social distancing rapidly becoming the new norm, introverts can now feel more confident that their invisible circle wont be breached, because it has literally become socially unacceptable to get too close to people.

Less Crowding

Along the same lines as the social distancing practice, public venues are cutting down on the amount of people they are allowing in their spaces. Introverts who might avoid overly crowded events can now breathe a masked sigh of relief as they enter a restaurant or an amusement park now that they will be at least 50% less crowded in many places.

Fear of Germs

person holding white plastic pump bottle

This next point, to be honest, might apply more to our Adventurers than to every introvert, but we are pleased to see that the general population is taking a more serious view of germs, and are now cleaning their hands as neurotically as we have always done. From the earliest mention of COVID in the U.S., the people have been advised to wash their hands frequently and apply hand sanitizer generously. Our group has been carrying hand sanitizing paraphernalia as common practice for as long as those products existed in travel size.

No Pressure

In my experience as an introvert, people were always trying to convince, manipulate, or guilt-trip me into going out when I didn’t want to. While I do enjoy going out and trying new things, visiting places, and being with my friends, I have always been very firm about staying home if I truly did not want to go out. In the time of corona, however, there is none of that. Which means I don’t have to work my brain to breaking point thinking up “extrovert-acceptable” excuses for not going somewhere.

Delivery Culture

As an introvert I generally prefer having things delivered, but being visually impaired means I have been totally tapped in to the delivery culture long before the coronavirus hit our shores. While for many, grocery delivery may seem indulgent, it is the most accessible way for me to get what I need.

In the beginning of the U.S. lock down last year, delivery services became invaluable to the average American. As time went on and the grocery shortage hit critical mass, smaller stores and delis began delivering to pick up the slack.

Now, introverts and extroverts alike can stay safely in their homes while having deliverable access to a wider range of stores and restaurants than ever before.

This past year has been difficult for us all. I hope that everyone reading this is safe and as sane as they can be. Even though the world is changing, I hope that it is becoming a place that all of us can navigate safely and comfortably.


An INTP and a textbook water sign. Our little purple paradox is an anxious artist with a rare visual impairment. When she’s not on an adventure, she’s drawing, painting or creating mini sculptures with her 3D pen! Check our her art at or find her on

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