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Our idiosyncrasies are part of what makes us unique.
That’s literally the designation of the Greek root *idios* meaning distinct, personal, own.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so stay weird. That’s how we find one another on this spinning rock hurtling through space. All of the Adventurers’ vibrate at our own specific frequency, but our wavelengths sync up in beautiful, weird ass patterns, for some incredible advenutres! 


Navigator, course mapper, reservation-maker and recaller of oddly specific facts, our dark star absorbs all information around her, everywhere we go.

Remember the pizza place that guy recommended 6 years ago in case we ever visited Portland? Kali does. 

Mysterious, and unknowable, she has an accretion disc a mile wide and an inescapable gravitational pull. However, if you get too close….you’ll be crushed into a singularity.

A creature of extremes, our INTJ evil genius encompasses many opposites in one strange bird. She’s a dysthymic diva. A metal head with misophonia, and a low-key Glamazon. Ever the Aries she’s got a long fuse, but it’s always lit.


A wanderer in spirit, and a true adventurer, our Eagle Scout and guiding star always knows the terrain so we can adapt as the mission parameters change.

Day 3,285. They still don’t know I’m not one of them. ?

Not all those who wander are lost. . .and whether we’re talking literal directions in an unfamiliar city or leading us back out of an anxiety tailspin, much like his namesake, Polaris, is never lost.

 An INFJ, and as down to Earth as they come, our resident Virgo managed to escape the sprinkle of depression/ anxiety/ chemical imbalance that doused the rest of the crew and stays grounded enough for all of us.



As a verb, ricochet has the connotation of wildly bouncing off of random surfaces. Which can be true of our documentation specialist in some situations.

(nervous)Energy = Marianne²

As a noun however, it IS the projectile that strikes a surface, or obstacle, and rebounds, sometimes absorbing and redistributing energy. Much like our adventurer, underestimating the force of a ricochet could be fatal.

Our little purple paradox is an anxious artist with a rare vision impairment. She’s a INTP and a textbook water sign. Classically a Cancer, you never know if you’ll be sailing on calm waters or battling through stormy seas. 









Our Latest Adventures

Surviving The Holidays

Surviving The Holidays

Being an introvert around the holidays can be tough. Obligatory family dinners, raucous conversation, awkward questions, and, hopefully, a lot of wine.

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