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Beating The Winter Blahs: Spoil Yourself!

Ah February, the winter wind-down. Allegedly. Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring, but when February rolls around, it seems like just the beginning of a loooong long drag to the end of the deep freeze (or here in NYC, more like the chilly grey bore). AKA: The Winter Blah ❄️?

That time between the change in seasons where you’re kind of bored of the cold, but it’s not warm enough for fun in the sun and we have nothing to do but twiddle our frozen thumbs and wait for spring.

Not this February! It’s 2020 and your Introvert Adventurers are with plans!

Treat yourself to a mug of high quality happy

Why do you think the F •R • I • E • N • D • S folks were always so happy when their lives were falling apart? Coffeeeeeee! Big ass mugs and good quality coffee makes the world of difference on any day, but especially cold, dreary ones. Splurge on a good roast from a warm country that you’d rather visit, than go to work today. A tea sampler filled with exotic spiced brews, or happy citrusy delights, or selection of fancy hot cocoas can also warm the tummy and your outlook.

If you’re still feeling winter’s weight dragging you down, spike it with a splash of brandy! (or Seedlip extracts for a non-alcoholic option). Whatever your go-to warm-up beverage is, get the good stuff and enjoy it wholeheartedly. You don’t even have to share.

DarkStar’s favourite spot is Porto Rico Imports. They have 4 locations in NYC (no shade, the Bleecker St. location is the best! ~DS) but if you are outside of NYC, they ship anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

Polaris agrees! They have a broad decaf selection. Whether you’re a coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa person, these guys can hook you up with something delicious to treat yourself.

Ensconce yourself in fab fluffiness

Nothing takes the sting out of single digits temps outside, like having the softest fluffiest jammies waiting for you at home. Take advantage of winter sales and stock up on the cozies PJs. (Sure, Valentine’s Day is Feb 14th, but Feb 15th is 75% off squishy-pink-heart-flannel jammies day!)

Go all out for yourself here! You’ve heard the saying change your underwear, change your attitude? (if you haven’t, it’s the premise that putting on nice underwear makes you feel like a boss bitch & you’ll act like a boss bitch) Same applies to jammies! Adjust your mood with a matching set (or 2) of the cutest pajamas you can find!

Ricochet recommends scoping out the loungewear section on your next Target run. This way you can multitask without breaking the bank! Pick up a cozy hoodie, new sweats, maybe some hilarious slippers or squishy bathrobe? + snacks. don’t forget the snacks!!

Clutch craves the comfiness of modal cotton options at Gap Body. The open cardigans are actually cute enough to run errands if you decide to just say fk it and spend the day in pajamas.

Invest in an Electric Blanket

Trust us, you need this in your life. Invest in yourself, invest in a deep end-of-the-day exhale. . . . .also invest in an alarm clock, because you’re not going to want to get up. We know, we knoooooow! It sounds like it will be too hot, you’re thinking of sleeping under a heavy, oppressive heating pad. It’s not like that, ✋ we swear.

Instead, imagine performing your evening ablutions, then pulling back the covers and sliding into a bed that’s already warmed up. No cold spots, no frozen toes. Just an ahhhhh, that you feel at a molecular level. DO this for yourself this winter. Some of these even have footie pockets. What could be more indulgent?!

Binge that show you didn’t want to commit to

Never watched Game of Thrones? Want to know what the fuss was all about? Now’s the time to watch it all with NO pressure from avid fans (or haters!)

Maybe you’ve had Jupiter Ascending on your watch list for 2 years and just don’t feel like you can sit still long enough for the spectacle? The time is now! Get a your mug of high quality happy and your electric blanket and settle IN!

Go ahead! Watch that movie that you know is going to be awful. Start that series that has 22 episode long seasons. Dive in! If the show is engaging, great! You’ve found a way to entertain yourself. If it’s not, then you won’t feel bad ignoring it a little while you fold laundry or give yourself a mani/pedi. There’s nothing to lose!

Catch up on your beauty sleep

Sleep as late as you feel like it, no guilt! Yeah yeah, they say you can’t “catch up” on sleep. We don’y know who ‘They’ are, but we respectfully disagree. Seasonal Adjustment is real, and it’s brutal. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day. While giving into that feeling ALL the time is probably not a great idea, and certainly indicative of a greater issue (definitely reach. out. for. help. if you are feeling 10,000 Maniacs levels of winter depression) but every now and then, it’s OK to give in and act like a 5 year old who doesn’t wanna go to school.

In the summer months, when the sun rises early and sets after 8pm, no matter what time you wake up you can have full day. But these winter months? When it’s twilight on your way to work, and full dark when you leave? Screw it. Rest up. Bears hibernate, why shouldn’t you? We’ll catch you in June, when we can go outside without the riot gear.

We’re going to try Gayle. We’re going to try.

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