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Beating the winter blahs: Prepare for spring!

I’m a warm weather gal. As all of my nicknames suggest (DarkStar, Phoenixx, The Destroyer) I burn with an intensity both metaphorical and . . . well, physical. If the temp is below 78 degrees, I have goosebumps. There’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t change the weather, believe me, I’ve tried to activate some deep hidden Storm powers in my DNA; it hasn’t worked so far. But what I can do, is get out the thermals, enjoy winter while it’s here, and get ready to spring. the hell. FORWARD!

Spring 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 on👏🏽

Shop for spring and summer clothes

I learned to love winter when I got really good thermals and an electric blanket. A little retail therapy can go a long way toward getting you amped for warmer weather. Poke around online to see all the new spring lines and fashion trends (and then completely ignore them if that’s not your thing, and hit the outlets for off season deals! Me, personally, I stock up on band merch. The arrival of Spring/Summer means music festivals!! Instead of waiting on the looooong lines at the merch booths, (usually only to be told they’re out of my size 😠) I grab my band tank tops in online bundles and then get amped about which shows I’m going to wear them to. (YES, I am that guy. I’m bringing it back. Deal with it.)

All your black eyeliner are belong to us!

Then I move on to makeup! Makeup is such a mood lifter! It’s a kind of art I can do on my face! Coral lip gloss is the harbinger of Spring. I love playing with makeup and checking out all the spring collections and soft happy colors being released. I leave Sephora looking like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.

Stockpiling a few lip colors that are out of my every day wheelhouse (plum, eggplant) makes me a little happier getting dressed every morning. When I see them in their corner of my makeup drawer, shiny and new in their packaging I smile and think of flip flop weather and it helps me face heading out to catch my train in 24° weather when the sun isn’t even all the way up yet.

Plan an adventure!

Now that I’ve got a few cute lip glosses and a new tank top or two in hand, I need places to wear them! Let the slightly longer days inspire you to plan little trips or outings that get you can look forward to, but that need a little coordination or saving so you can lose yourself in the preparation and anticipation. For the Adventurers, it’s concerts & museums. We’ll cross state lines for good music, good food, or an in-depth museum outing.

Our go-to getaway weekends spots are within 3-4 hours for a quick road trip, and we can usually snag a hotel deal if we book far enough out. For us East coast kids (and huge museum nerds!) the top picks are Philadelphia, Washington DC (though that whole city is on a timeout right now) and of course our fair city of New York. Check out the search box over here somewhere > > > to get started on planning your next adventure! (Then see if your chosen city has a day of the week when museums are free!)

Get your Marie Kondo on!

I use particularly icy days to get a jump on Spring cleaning! It’s a great way to feel productive without having to actually go out and run errands. Who wants to waste beautiful spring weather on cleaning? Fk that noise. I’d rather be ready to host a windows open brunch as soon as the temp hits 60.

Get out the contractor bags and start clearing out anything you don’t need. Not sure? Is it somewhat replaceable in the future if you change your mind? BYE! Take things apart. Empty and dust bookshelves! Vacuum behind the fridge! Do things you won’t feel like doing later but probably should.

Lastly, and preferably on a Saturday morning, so you have the rest of the day to emotionally recover. . . . get out two more contractor bags and label them for upcycling, and donating and clean out that closet! Big Brothers Big Sisters picks up in most areas so all you have to do is put the bag outside and it disappears. 👋

Get Cookin’

Speaking of brunch, break out the Pinterest boards! Think of the most perfect springtime deliciousness and scroll through recipes, pinning with abandon! It’s great to daydream about having the perfect brunch, but if you come across the one.. . . practice that recipe until it comes out perfect! The best part is, you get to eat the practice!

Brunch, picnic recipes, easy breakfast squares, go nuts with the possibilities. Baking especially can seem a bit daunting, but Ina Garten has never steered me wrong. Her Apple Tart recipe is simple AF and never fails to impress 😲

Expand your skill set

Speaking of practice, chilly winter nights are a perfect time to hone your craft. (or pick up a new one!) Crocheting on the couch, with some brandy spiked cocoa, while marathoning episodes of The Librarians is my go-to for nights when I do NOT feel like being a productive member of society in any way shape or form. When I feel like mixing it up just a bit, I’ll add a new stitch. YouTube is the perfect teacher for visual learners as you can pause a million times and no one will give you attitude!

Pick up a few balls of yarn & a crochet hook, some blending markers or inexpensive watercolors, a pad and some brushes. There are a lot of cost effective new crafts you can dip a toe in to keep you engaged until the weather is warmer. You might even find something you never knew you LOVE!

A few years ago I tried my hand at acrylic pour paintings. It looked like fun and I got to make a mess. YESSSS! After a few days of figuring how NOT to mix the acrylics, I nailed it! My scientific streak led me to test out how the paint held up on different materials. Turns out 100pt chipboard can handle its own against fluid acrylics and these journals were added to the Etsy shop THAT week!

Planning for Spring and remembering that warm weather is just around the corner helps keep me centered and present. I’m not wishing the time I have to go faster. Remember that every season passed is a season past. Don’t fast forward through winter just because you don’t like the cold. You might wish for that time back someday. I hope between all of the Adventurers, one of our styles of beating the Winter blahs works for you!


A creature of extremes, our ardent Aries is a Type 7 to her core. She’s always on an adventure of some sort. Learning a new language, formulating new products for Rising Phoenixx, designing a new card or journal for Stoneheart Sentiments, heading off on a roadtrip, and chasing heavy metal highs with Polaris for Metal and Fire.

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