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Beating The Winter Blahs: Embrace It!

Unlike my fellow introverts on IA, I’m the one who looks forward to winter every year. For those who dread the coming cold, my coping strategy is to try embracing it! You can’t change the time, so you might as well enjoy winter while it’s here. There are a few activities which you can only do in the winter, so take advantage of that! This is the time to embrace them! Now, I understand not everyone is a fan of the outdoors like me, but if you’re reading this, then perhaps you’re willing to try! Come with me on this magical journey!



Okay, okay, not in such a destructive manner, but one of my favorite parts of winter is building a fire and enjoying the warmth and joy that it brings! Fire is humanity’s oldest friend, and there’s a primal comfort in the glowing crackle of a good fire. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, or just sipping a mug of cocoa, a fire can bring the exact change of atmosphere you need to get over that cold-season slump. Now, of course, you may not have access to a fireplace, or even a backyard with a fire pit, but don’t worry, there are options! Check to see if your city has a bar or restaurant with a fireplace to keep you warm Timeout has solid list to get you started if you’re in the NYC area.

It really is this beautiful!


I know I’m the only lunatic who goes camping in February, but hear me out! Even taking a stroll on a crisp winter day, with the sun shining through the bare trees, can be a mood elevator. Invest in a good, warm winter coat and maybe an electric hand-warmer, and visit some of your favorite places! Your favorite park will look like a different place when it’s covered in snow. And, since the cold tends to keep people inside, that means less randos in your space, messing with your flow. If you need a more firm agenda then just wandering about? For that I suggest…


There’s a small window where you can really embrace the utility of the cold air, and I try to make the most of it! Ice-skating, skiing, snow boarding, or just riding a sled down a hill, all of these are winter-only activities. Physical activities trigger your body to release endorphins, which are the chemicals that make you feel that post-workout high. Getting past the doldrums of winter attitude is much easier with a quick boost from your body’s naturally occurring chemicals. For me, there’s only so much TV-binging I can stand before I get restless and need to move around. If you’re thinking of tumbling down mountains, breaking limbs in pursuit of winter fun, it’s not all like that! There are plenty of low entry bar winter activities that you can enjoy. Most ski mountains also offer tubing, no athletic ability required! Ice rinks usually have skate assists. Who cares if they’re for kids? Have fun with it! But, in case sports are just 100% not your thing, my last suggestion…


It takes a certain amount of insanity to say to yourself “It’s cold outside, time to go exploring!” So, in case you’re only feeling a bit nuts, might as well roll with it and eat some ice cream! After all, what better way to soothe a sore throat than delicious ice cream? If you’re looking for more well-rounded suggestions, check our collaborative Beating the Winter Blahs post, or if you’re a absolutely certain you’re not the outdoorsy type, Ricochet’s list of indoor activities is worth a look!


An INFJ, and as down to Earth as they come, our resident Virgo managed to escape the sprinkle of depression/ anxiety/ chemical imbalance that doused the rest of the crew and stays grounded enough for all of us. You can catch him in the pit at metal shows in the NYC area (. . .or anywhere really!), building furniture, gaming online, or off on badass adventures with Metal + Fire.

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