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Traveling thru life, Coffee cups in hand, anxiety in our carry-on. . .

For introverts, all travel can be a nightmare, or an adventure! We refuse to live life on the sidelines because of anxiety, depression or physical limitations.

Our story of serendipity starts in the mid-90’s with two theatre kids meeting in a high school basement and the crew has been gathering members along the way ever since.

A few decades later, we’re still planning wild adventures, packing WAY too much into one day, and somehow managing to pull it off, almost every time!

Introvert Adventures

Travel bloggers, INXX types, just as neurotic as you.

Our Latest Adventures. . .

Surviving The Holidays

Surviving The Holidays

Being an introvert around the holidays can be tough. Obligatory family dinners, raucous conversation, awkward questions, and, hopefully, a lot of wine.

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